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The Name


"Analog is an adjective that describes a continuous measurement or transmission of a signal...

While computers are digital devices, human beings are analog. Everything we perceive, such as what we see and hear, is a continuous transmission of information to our senses."

         - TechTerms


Formed in the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic, Analog By Choice seemed a fitting name for a group dedicated to creating live, chamber music. As the world went online, many of us strongly felt the potency of human interaction, creation, and community as we lost them in the quarantine. We feel that acoustic chamber music is a great medium through which to foster all three of these elements. Music creates "...a continuous transmission of information to our senses" and never more so than when it is live. Additionally, members of a chamber group act as individual parts of an analog device. If the ensemble is a clock, each person or instrument functions as a separate gear which only allows the clock to tick when perfectly precise and balanced. 


The initials of ABC also reflect our concert model: alphabet themed programs. Each of our concerts features composers whose last names begin with a common letter. In this way, we play the music we know and love while always being challenged to find new or overlooked composers whose music deserves recognition.

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